The Company
Green Bet is a company focused on sustainable energy and on tax law model comparison, to maximize resources and to exploit business in compliance with international tax law.
Green Bet, throughout worldwide professional network improved in: bio-fuels production and finding, sustainability and eco-innovation procedures, international tax law knowledges, Q.C. and logistics experience, business and feasibility plans construction, project management development, is able to offer advise and services in the following areas:

- bio-fuels
- Internal combustion engines for green energy production.
- Raw and refined oils of different nature.
- Solid biomass.
- Municipal solid waste.
- Edible and high quality food.
- Biologics food.
- International business agreement and contract.
- International Tax Law.

Green Bet and its contractors have all permissions R9 and R13 to turn waste into finished product and release regular Waste Transfer Notes (WTN), whit certified CONOE in UCO

Our Team & Professional Services

The founders of Green Bet are professionals with a high quality and specialized experience in the renewable energy field, and in international tax law.
These deep and historical knowledges originate from:

- Direct work in energy development, sustainability and biodiesel.
- Master in International Tax Law.
- International business trading.
- Management in urban waste.
- Management in logistics ,shipping ,Q.C.
- Direct experience in building: harvesting agronomic costs , renewable energy plans, harvesting business plan, exploitation renewable energy feasibility plan, international tax planning advice.
- Direct experience in international business development .
- Cooperation with professional and business international network.
- Knowledge about renewable energy tax law.

Our core business is based on business confidence and high level professional connections. Our services are:
- Trading of solid and liquid biomass
- Waste Energy Project (WEP)
- Sustainability Projects (SP)
- Research & Development (R&D)
- Activities for the production of solid and liquid biomass, improvement of agricultural plants and other higher organisms and microorganisms used in industrial processes.
- High quality and biological food trading.
- International business network planning.
- business and finance sustainability projecting
We are able to set up every project from the beginning to the target.

Our vision
Man is at the center of every decision. Future generations depend on the man who have to protect and safeguard the environment. This is our mission, to live and to develop sustainable energy to protect the biodiversity and ecosystems. Our priority is to build stronger, fairer and cleaner economy.


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